Alder Hey Allotments

Please see the letter from a concerned resident and plot holder about the possibility of the Stan Pennington allotments closing at the end of April 2024.


The fundraising group and committee are working tirelessly to try to secure funding to keep the plots open for the community.

There has already been a bucket collection at Morrison’s in Baxter’s Lane on 8/12/2023 and a Christmas event at the allotments on 9/12/2023 which collected over £2800.00 in total. A Just Giving Page has been set up and has received over £900 to date. 

An application for a grant from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund is currently waiting to be submitted and St Helens Chamber have offered help and advice, but nevertheless there is still a huge mountain to climb.  There is a real possibility that after over 70 years as allotments, the gates may close for the final time on 30/04/2024.

What will happen to the site if it remains ‘shut’ for months and years to come in respect of vandalism and vermin alike.

Will allotment holders have to join the waiting lists at other allotment sites? If this is the case, it could be years before each allotment holder finally succeeds in acquiring another plot which could be miles away. There are allotment holders who have been at Alder Hey Road for so many years, it will destroy them if the site closes.

One group has already been moved to another allotment site in Parr. This seems so unfair when they were so happy and contented at Alder Hey Road.  

If anyone has any ideas for further fund raising, that would great.

If you would like to contact the committee direct, their email address is